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Frequently Asked Questions



How Old Must I Be To Apply?

You are eligible to apply to the Morningside School of Media if you are of at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent. We generally do not accept anyone over 25 years of age due to dormitory requirements, although we will look at each case individually.

When Will I Find Out If I Am Accepted?

You will be notified of your acceptance into the program by one of our staff members via phone, email or US Mail.

How Does The Program Work?

During your two-year training, you will be attached as an apprentice to several staff members of “The Jim Bakker Show” where you will learn through various methods of teaching. Spiritual classes and other coursework will also take place during your stay. At the conclusion of the program, you’ll be able to leave with a resume, experience and a demo reel to help you get a job anywhere around the country. Several of our graduates are working in other ministries and organizations around the world.

What Majors Do You Offer?

Our training paths are fully customizable to each individual student’s needs. Each student will be trained not just in one aspect of media production & broadcasting, but several. To achieve success in today’s media world, a person must expertly know and specialize in multiple areas. Here, we define, develop and train these multiple areas to suit each student’s skills and personality.

How Long Is The Term?

The regular school term is 24 straight months, a system unlike most educational and vocational programs. Each term begins in August of the current year. The environment is best viewed as an apprenticeship program. Proficiency for success in media takes time, time we are willing and able to pour into each student.

After completing the two-year term, the student has the option of applying for an extra 12-month internship program.

Do You Offer A Graduate Program?

After completing the first two-years of the program, the student will have the chance to apply for our one-year Graduate Program. If accepted, you will be able to learn more through teaching along with specialized one-on-one training.

If I Am Accepted, But Circumstances Disallow Me From Attending, Will I Need To Reapply If I Wish To Attend At A Later Term?

Yes, you will need to reapply to the program if you are not able to attend the term in which you were accepted. Applications are not carried over from term to term.

What If I Apply And Then Change My Mind About Coming?

We ask that you notify our office AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that we may extend the opportunity to another student in the event that you decide not to attend.


Where Do The Students Live?

Female students live at Lori’s House and Male students live at The Tabernacle, both located in Peaceful Valley.

Will I Need A Car?

While it is not required for you to have a personal vehicle, it is highly suggested. Due to the remote location of Morningside from any major places of entertainment, as well as making the trek from The Tabernacle or Lori’s House to the studio itself, having a vehicle makes things a little more convenient.

It is highly recommend that you ensure that your vehicle is reliable. Check your battery, brakes, tires, and other important basic parts and maintenance before arrival. We do not accept responsibility for repairs or for providing transportation to you.

Is There Cell Phone Service At Morningside?

We are in a rural area with many hills and valleys, but we do have a Verizon Wireless cell tower near our location. Sprint and AT&T subscribers currently receive weak signals and may experience areas without service.

Are You Allowed To Work While Attending The Program?

Due to the demanding schedule of classes and ministry, a 24/7 commitment is required during the school year. Generally, students will be unable to seek employment during their time in our program.

Can Married Couples Attend The Program?

Due to housing requirements and demanding schedules, we do not typically accept married couples into the program. However, each situation is different.

It has been our experience that this program works best for single men and women. The schedule is very demanding and requires massive amounts of time and dedication. The schedule can be especially strenuous for couples with children.

Are There Any Lifestyle Requirements?

Under NO circumstances are smoking and/or substance abuse permitted during your tenure at Morningside School of Media. No profanity or sexual innuendo, harassment, or misconduct will be tolerated. Pornography is prohibited.

Are There Any Breaks Throughout The Term?

Traditionally, we have a Christmas Celebration here at Morningside and students are invited to stay until close to Christmas. Typically we take neither a Thanksgiving Break nor Spring Break.

During scheduled breaks, students may choose to leave or stay at the ministry. Students may also go home to be with their families during Christmas. Beautiful condos, tiny houses, and RV Park rentals will be available on a nightly rental basis for families wishing to visit their son or daughter. Reservations for nightly rentals can be made by calling 417-779-9327.


How Much Is Tuition?

Tuition for each year is $5,000. This tuition fee includes a $500 non-refundable registration fee for the first year.

When Is Tuition Due?

The entire tuition fee for the year is due upon the students arrival to Morningside.

How Does The Average Student Pay For This Program?

Tuition for Morningside School of Media is paid through sponsorship or out of pocket as we do not offer any type of state funding or grants.

Most students are assisted by their parents and/or families while others are sponsored by churches or support letters. Even local businesses have been known to help sponsor ambitious students.

Almost every student who will come to Morningside School of Media will have a different story of how God provided for them financially. Many of the support stories truly are miracles, and for that reason we agree with you in prayer that if God has called you, He will supply the finances for the school year.

Are There Payment Plans Available?

As a general rule we do not offer payment plans; however, we will evaluate each student’s situation on an individual basis.

Is The Tuition Tax Deductible?

No, tuition is not tax deductible.

Although Morningside School of Media is a ministry of the local church, donations are the only items that are tax deductible. Since the program’s fees are considered “tuition,” this unfortunately does not apply.

What Does Tuition Pay For?

The tuition for Morningside School of Media includes the cost of classes, housing and most meals.

In addition to tuition, each student must provide financially for their own personal needs and expenses including toiletries, entertainment, etc.

Am I Able To Stay On My Parent’s Medical Insurance?

Most Insurance Companies will usually recognize students in college to be under their parent’s insurance programs. Once you are enrolled, you can contact your insurance company to maintain your insurance.

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