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How Much Is Tuition?

Tuition for each year is $7,000. For the first year, a $500 non-refundable registration fee is also required.

When Is The Tuition Portion Due?

The entire tuition fee for the year is due upon arrival and registration by the first day of Morningside Master’s Media unless prior arrangements have been made.

Is There Any Financial Aid Available?

We do have several scholarship programs. Please contact the Morninsgide Master’s Media Admissions Office at 417.779.9218 for more information.

How Does The Average Student Pay For This Program?

Almost every person who will come to Morningside Master’s Media will have a different story of how God provided for them financially. Most parents and family assist students while others are sponsored by churches and support letters. Even local businesses have been known to help sponsor ambitious Master’s Media students. Many of the support stories truly are miracles, and for that reason we agree with you in prayer that if God has called you, He will supply the finances for the school year.

How Do I Pay For Food And Additional Expenses?

We suggest that in addition to your tuition that each student brings with them an amount they need for personal items. Most meals are covered by tuition.

Are There Payment Plans Available?

Morningside Master’s Media does offer a payment plan for those who need this service. These students are required to sign a contract for payment installments.

How Can I Stay On My Parent’s Medical Insurance?

Most Insurance Companies will usually recognize students in college to be under their parent’s insurance programs. When you receive your acceptance packet, it will contain a sample letter to send to your insurance company.

Is Tuition Tax Deductible?

No. Even though Morningside Master’s Media is a ministry of the local church, donations are the only items that are tax deductible. Since the program’s fees are considered “tuition,” this unfortunately does not apply.