Lori Bakker

Lori Bakker, Co-Founder

Lori Bakker, born Lori Beth Graham, was raised in a middle class church attending family in Phoenix, Arizona. By the age of 22, a life of partying, drugs, and rock n’ roll that had begun during her early teen years had culminated in five abortions. By 1985, Lori had survived a ten-year marriage plagued by abuse and domestic violence.

On Easter Sunday, 1989, Lori made a life changing decision to attend Phoenix First Assembly of God. It was there that she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior and stepped out on a journey of spiritual growth that began with the Master’s Commission discipleship program. Lori served almost a decade with Master’s Commission during its formative years.

In 1991, Lori received her ministerial credentials. It was this experience with the Master’s Commission discipleship program that inspired her dream to train other young people in the Morningside Media’s Master program.

National and international television audiences have embraced Lori through her appearances on programs that include Larry King Live, Good Morning America, The Today show, James Robison’s Life Today and a host of other notable broadcasts. Together, Jim and Lori established “The Jim Bakker Show” and continue to host a one-hour, daily TV program that is shown throughout the United States and around the world.

She also speaks to audiences globally with the refreshing candor that has come to characterize her ministry; encouraging them to become the people of destiny God has called them to be.